Benedictine Emerald Society

Sister Jeannette Murray led the Benedictine School with enthusiasm, love and determination for almost 40 years. Her passion and dedication made a significant impact on the lives of students and adults on a daily basis, and her "won't take no for an answer" attitude helped the school become the nationally accredited state-of-the-art education center that continues to inspire today.

For those who knew Sister Jeannette, it comes as no surprise that the name of Benedictine's legacy giving society pays tribute to her beloved Ireland. We hope you will consider supporting the future needs of the children and adults in our care by becoming a member of the Emerald Society.

Individuals honored here have included The Benedictine Foundation in their estate plans

We are forever grateful for your generosity in securing the future of our children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Mr. William C. Birely, Jr.

Mrs. Sandra G. Bishins

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Bloom

Mr. & Mrs. F. William Burke

Mrs. Sue Carney

Mrs. Patricia J. Larimer-Christiansen

Mr. Robert J. Commisso

Ms. Mary Catherine Digges

Jean Dull

Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo G. Granados

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Krieger

Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Kronberg

Ms. Sandra L. Margist

Mr. & Mrs. John Marrah

Ms. Nancy McCloy

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford W. Morhouse

Mr. Dale P. Murray

Ms. Carol L. Niemand

Mr. Patrick O'Malley

Ms. Marca Piehuta

Mrs. Kathryn Ware

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Welsh

Mrs. Shirley D. Wood

We recognize the following Emerald Society members who have passed away, and honor them for their generosity.

Mrs. Becky Burkhalter

VADM E.A. Burkhalter, Jr.

Mr. James B. Colburn, Jr.

Mrs. William Cosgrove

Mr. Joseph W. Holecheck

Mr. Joseph Keelty

Mr. & Mrs. John Lacek

Mr. Richard Lockhart

Mrs. Edward G. Madden

Mr. Norris L. Niblett

Mrs. Marion S. Vetter